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Charity Surgery at BIMC Hospital

Posted on : July 5, 2011

charity surgerycharity surgeryAtik, that is what her friends call her, is an 11 year old girl born with a bone deficiency. As an underprivileged family living in Mataram, Lombok, her mother Ibu Isah, sought assistance from Yayasan Kemanusiaan Indonesia (YKI).  The foundation managed to get Atik fitted with a prosthetic left leg below the knee last year.

Since fitting the prosthetic limb a year ago, the tibia and fibula bone grew and were protruding into the prosthetic socket.  This required orthopedic surgery to shorten and plug the bones.  YKI sought the support of BIMC Hospital so that Atik could have the much needed surgery.

 On 30th June 2011, the orthopedic surgery was performed at BIMC Hospital. The Orthopedic team was lead by Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Made Bramantya Karna Sp OT (Dr. Bram) and the Anesthetists Team was led by Dr. Putu Pramana Sanjaya Sp. An.  The surgery went well and Atik only needed to stay overnight at BIMC Hospital to ensure there were no complications post surgery.

Atik is a very happy and brave girl facing the surgery.  Before and after the surgery, she never complained about the pain.  Atik is a shining student in her school and was recently ranked as the number 1 student in her class.  This academic achievement has made her strong and confident in her daily life.

On 1st of July 2011, Atik returned to her homeland in Mataram after a follow up consultation and medical clearance from Dr. Bram.

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