Local Media participate in First Aid Training — BIMC Hospital Bali

Local Media participate in First Aid Training

Posted on : March 31, 2011

On 19th March 2011, BIMC Hospital once again invited the local media and journalists to refresh their skills on Basic Life Support (BLS) – First Aid Training (FAT).  The previous training for media and journalists was held back in 2008.

Local media and journalists gave a warm welcome to this training as First Aid Training in Indonesia is a relatively uncommon program. In real life, when there is an accident, people generally don’t know how to respond.

The BLS – FAT touches on common injuries occurring in daily life. During the training, the participants learn resuscitation techniques such as: open the airway, check breathing, giving rescue breaths and perform chest compressions. The first 5 minutes after an accident is the most crucial for the survival rate of a traffic accident victim.  After each training session, the participants are asked to join in a role play scenario and are expected to respond quickly to save the victim’s life.

The 4-hour course started at 9 am and concluded with questions and answers.   In addition to the practical training, the media and journalists will each receive a certificate from BIMC Hospital confirming they have successfully completed the Basic Life Support – First Aid Training session prepared by BIMC Hospital.

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