World Customs Organization (WCO) Awards BIMC Hospital “WCO Certificate of Merit” — BIMC Hospital Bali

World Customs Organization (WCO) Awards BIMC Hospital “WCO Certificate of Merit”

Posted on : February 20, 2013

Customs AwardCommemorating International Customs Day, the Indonesia Directorate General of Customs and Excise (DGCE) awarded a “World Customs Organization (WCO) Certificate of Merit” to BIMC HOSPITAL Bali. The award was given to the hospital for supporting the DGCE in accomplishing their tasks related to drug smuggling. The ceremony was held at BIMC Hospital Kuta on February 13th, 2013. “Smugglers place drugs not only in bags but also in some parts of their bodies,” explained RahmatSubagio, the Head of DGCE Bali, NTB and NTT Regional Office. “That’s when we need support from medical facilities.”he added.

BIMC Hospital uses various equipments in order to locate the drugs. “Mostly we use X-Ray , CT Scan and our laboratory,” said the President Director of BIMC Hospital, Dr. Denny Thong, who is also an Expert Staff of the Indonesian National Narcotics Agency.

The hospital has been working together with the DGCE for over 10 years. “We proposed an award to be honored to BIMC Hospital and the World Customs Organization decided to grant an international award,” said Subagio. During the ceremony, Dr Denny Thong expressed his gratification for the award and confirmed BIMC Hospital’s continuous support in the fight for a drug-free Bali.

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