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  1. Stars Rating
    Marilyn Carter
    United Kingdom —
    Dr Suka Adnyana I cant thank you enough. Your beautiful surgeon hands have done their magic. My facelift is amazing. Treatment at the hospital was over and beyond my expectations. Your excellence will prevail in all those yet to benefit from your precision, care and detail. Much love and massive respect. Marilyn Carter
  2. Stars Rating
    Sharon Sandeberg
    Australia —
    Dr suka preformed plastic surgery on my forehead . He was outstanding, I hardly have a scar and my own doctor who took my stitches out said his work was outstanding.thank you to all the hospital staff who helped me.
  3. Stars Rating
    Albert R
    Australia —
    I had my my initial appointment with Dr Adnyana on the 13 of May 2019 prior to having a neck lift and lower face lift on the 15 May 2019. The procedure went very well and the staff at BIMC Nusa Dua were excellent. It is now 2 months since the surgery and I am extremely pleased with the results. I have been seen by a professional beautician to have some whiskers that now grow in the wrong place removed and she commented on what an excellent job had been done. I have also been seen by my GP of 30+ years and he stated that Dr. Adnyana had done an excellent job. I would like to thank Dr. Adnyana for the excellent job he has done. I would certainly recommend Dr. Adnyana and the BIMC nursing staff to any prospective person looking for good quality surgery in Bali.
  4. Stars Rating
    India —
    The level of care in BIMC Nusa Dua was amazing. The tests and diagnoses were very thorough. The doctors and nurses are all outstanding. A special thanks to Nurse Intan.
  5. Stars Rating
    Susan R
    Australia —
    The experience was amazing from the moment I walked in to BMC anti aging centre until the second I left. The facility is stunning with private entrance and the staff are very professional, kind and personable. Dr Rossa who handle is very kind and humble
  6. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    It was a great experience to have face treatment in Bali with Dr Rossa
  7. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    Great Experience with their anti aging treatment
  8. Stars Rating
    Pavina D
    Ukraina —
    I had filler treatment with Dr Rosa, she was amazing
  9. Stars Rating
    Russia —
    Quite luxurious facility, doctor and nurse are great. I didn’t expect there was a private entrance there
  10. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    Highly recommend this anti aging centre inside the BIMC Hospital for anyone who visit Bali, near the beach.
  11. Stars Rating
    Laura C
    Australia —
    I had lip treatment with Dr Ross, I am happy with the result. subtle and natural yet giving me the volume I always wanted
  12. Stars Rating
    Kyle A
    Australia —
    We are very thankful for the exceptional care and support we're received at BIMC. The staff were all caring, kind and knowledgable. I will send a further email of thanks when we can. Thank you
  13. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    3 friends have been to clinic that we have recommend. Service and staff very professional and caring. Dr. Rosa excellent and very friendly. Thank you
  14. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    I couldn't have been happier getting the treatment done in Cosmedic Centre. Amazing staff.
  15. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    Pain free, lovely service
  16. Stars Rating
    Russia —
    I would highly recommend BIMC Cosmedic Centre to anyone considering cosmetic surgery in Bali. My experience with Dr Suka the plastic surgeon has been a really good one. His professionalism and engaging personality helped me through and I am so happy with the outcome.
  17. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    Great hospital and great staff
  18. Stars Rating
    Joanne F
    Australia —
    Everything is perfect. We had a lovely caring from the staff, nurses, and the doctors. Beautiful hospital make us feels like home. Thank you so much for everything you did
  19. Stars Rating
    Germany —
    I felt comfortable in their facility
  20. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    Dr Suka is amazing, he hears every question, problem, wish or question and answering it. And he was not taking any unneeded risk, explained me the best procedure with minimum risks and gaining best outcome. The average cost here is pricy compared to other clinic in Bali. But I think thats what you get when you enter the Australian accredited medical facility.
  21. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    Dr Rossa I met in Cosmedic Centre was excelent. She always listens to what you need and makes sure to make you laugh and acknowledges you.she is very caring with her patients and her staff are very friendly they make sure to keep you calm during your procedure.
  22. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    Fantastic place, within the area of nice beaches and green lush resort. I had Botox treatment with Dr Rossa and I think she is the” best “at what she does. I would recommend Dr. Rossa to anyone.
  23. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    I would like to thank you to the staff including doctors, nurses, cleaning staff for their wonderful care
  24. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    Nurse and all other staff were fantastic and made my admission to hospital very easy. I feel that I ended up in a quality hospital with quality staff. Thank you
  25. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    It was excellent, especially nurses are so kind, doctor and anesthetic also very kind and mindful. Big thank you
  26. Stars Rating
    Belinda S
    Australia —
    Everything was fantastic, the doctors, especially the nurses were so caring & very professional. Thank you for all your support during my time here
  27. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    Everyone was very kind, helpful and the overall experience was excellent
  28. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    I felt very safe and trusted everyone from the staff. Everyone was very kind and patient. Better than Australian hospital.
  29. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    Dr Suka is a wonderful surgeon, I love the result from the surgery I had with him in Bali
  30. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    My visit as a patient from beginning to end has been amazing in Bali and all made possible thanks to Dr Suka from my first request for an appointment right through my final appointment day. I am 100% totally satisfied with my whole experience and would not hesitate to return as a patient or recommend your service to other.
  31. Stars Rating
    Ana Santiago
    UK —
    Service was amazing
  32. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    Dr Suka is the person who responsible for my successful treatment in Bali
  33. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    The facilities are the best I've experienced in any medical facility in Bali
  34. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    Dr Rossa knew what she was doing, she gave me perfect advice! I had no bruising and no swelling after the treatment ! She explained everything as we went along. For surely I will comeback
  35. Stars Rating
    Diane P
    Australia —
    I totally recommend BIMC Nusa Dua, as I am very pleased with my liposuction operation and the care post-op. It was like I had paid for private health cover equivalent to Australia. My swelling and healing after 2 weeks has been amazing. I will be back if i need more procedures.
  36. Stars Rating
    Terri L
    Australia —
    I am very happy with the result of neck and face lift I have done in CosMedic Centre BIMC. Healing well, pleased with the suction of the haematoma and much improved left side of face. All nurses and doctors were professional, helpful and caring. I am now still need pain killers but only using once a day.
  37. Stars Rating
    Julia B
    Australia —
    I had breast augmentation done in May 2014 and I could not fault a thing. This was a relatively new procedure for Bali at that time. BIMC in Nusa Dua is like a 5 star hotel and is not comparable to any hospital I have been to in Western Australia of which I have had 9 operations. It was very professional and the care was amazing. Nothing was left to chance. I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone considering cosmetic surgery.
  38. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    I had my upper and lower eye lids left and outer hips liposuction done in the Cosmedic Centre BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua. Dr Suka Adnyana, my plastic surgeon, Dr Sissy Surya and all supporting medical personnel were absolutely wonderful. I had such a good experience! I would recommend the doctors and this hospital to anyone who wants to have a plastic surgery. Care and after surgery support is at the high level in BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua. Thank you!
  39. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    I just had facelift and brow lift with Dr. Suka. He did such a great job and I’m super happy with the results. One things that I like about the facility here is very closed to beach.
  40. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    This hospital has shown a high degree of professionalism and the medical practice herein performed is excellent. I am must grateful
  41. Stars Rating
    USA —
    The experience I had here was simply fantastic. Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable and make you feel very comfortable. Dr Rose recommend me the best fillers for my face and I am extremely happy with my results
  42. Stars Rating
    Michaela L
    Australia —
    Dr Suka is truly an artist at his craft. He and his staff were super welcoming. He took the time to answer all my questions and really listen to exactly what i wanted.I could not have been any happier with my results.
  43. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    Dr. Suka and his staff go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and an enjoyable experience. Everyone is so experienced and super friendly. I saw results after days that were above my expectations.
  44. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    Information and consultation was excellent experience and looking forward to next procedure
  45. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    I would like to thank all the BIMC hospital teams. To the administration, kitchen, the night and the day nurses, the doctors who had been very kind in taking care of me during my surgery
  46. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    Thank you so much for your kindness and very professional service. I felt very comfortable and treated with respect and kindness. Thanks so much !!!
  47. Stars Rating
    Sarah A
    Australia —
    Dr Rossa is very nice and helpful during my consultation
  48. Stars Rating
    Sarah McG
    Australia —
    I had doubt first before deciding to have surgery, but after several googling, online consultation and directly met with Dr Suka. I finally took the blepharoplasti and happy with Dr Suka's work
  49. Stars Rating
    Siau Lee
    China —
    My experience in BIMC was great, I had eye lid surgery with Dr Suka and happy with the result
  50. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    Very clean room. Nurses always very understanding, compassionate, quick to answer call bells, willing to help, good communication. Good choice of food on menu

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