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Resolution to Get in shape: 2019 Fitness Trends

Posted on : January 10, 2019

Resolution to Get in shape 2019 Fitness Trends

2019 Fitness Trends : Get in shape Resolution — Every New Year we can expect new ways to get healthier, from mental fitness to next-gen equipment and nutritional supplements. Health-e cuts through the fads from so you can take advantage of only the best.


Multi-function machines

Bali gyms are today varied and offer the latest machines. Should you concentrate on weights or cardio? The answer is weights and cardio at the same time. Look for equipment that combines resistance and cardio in the same machine.


Yoga here to stay

Bali offers plenty of choice, from hot yoga to power yoga, Bikram to Iyengar, the forever-refreshed workout does wonders for the body and mind. Find out more about yoga and yoga classes to see why it’s far from a fad and how it can help you achieve your goals.


Easier access to personal trainers

Health-e has reported on the ease of finding excellent personal trainers here in Bali. It’s been a top trend for a long time, but working one-on-one with a qualified fitness professional is one of the most popular ways to reach goals and stick to an exercise regime.


HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT took the top spot in 2018 and plays a big role in the industry this coming year. A HIIT workout involves short bursts of high-intensity bouts of exercise followed by a short period of rest. They’re usually 30 minutes or less, though they can be longer.


Competing Pays Even for Amateurs

It’s time to compete. It has become much easier to compare achievements now that more information is available. Many athletes and sportspeople take advantage of this to take part in so-called competitions. More than anybody else, younger fitness fans are displaying great interest in competitions.


Corporate Fitness: The Increasing Importance of a Healthy Workforce

Personal health is not just a matter for the individual anymore. More and more companies are encouraging their employees to be healthy through corporate fitness offerings. To this end, many companies are partnering with gyms or personal trainers because they know that they stand to benefit from healthy employees.



It’s not just wearables and apps that are interconnected; training equipment itself is becoming increasingly digital. One machine knows which difficulty level the user can best use at their current fitness level and transmits this data to the next, which uses intelligent software to instantly set itself up accordingly.


Seniors Are Getting Fit

Older people making use of gyms is certainly nothing new. However, this trend is continuing to gain momentum due to the greater openness in the fitness industry. The growth in senior fitness is the result of a more widespread acceptance of the fitness industry.


Row Your Boat

Later on this year, the UK’s first dedicated rowing studio, Engine Room, is set to open. It’s the brainchild of PT Chris Heron and backed by Olympic rower Matt Tarrant, and there’s little doubt that once it gets going, we’ll see a load more boutique rowing studios pop up maybe even here in Bali.


Last But Not Least, Be Calm

The idea of being mindful is ever-prevalent in our never-stopping lives. You should anticipate mindfulness and meditation as part of your overall “fitness” program. And right here in Bali you’ll find medication and yoga classes in abundance. 


Get in shape Resolution : 2019 Fitness Trends — Health-e reporting with sources: Self; ISPO; Holmes

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