Melanoma can be deadly. Are you at risk of skin cancer?

Melanoma can be deadly. Are you at risk of skin cancer?

Posted on : October 13, 2016

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Prevention is better than misguided beliefs

Skin cancer is responsible for 80% of new cancers diagnosed each year in Australia and the incidence and mortality rate of melanoma has increased significantly.

Prevention is the best strategy. An attitude that understands that a tan is not a sign of good health and wellbeing is a great asset. Rather, it is just a misguided belief of previous generations.

Here are some risks you may not have been aware of:

  • Sun exposure and sunburn put you at risk of skin cancer.  Any outdoor activity that allows repeated overexposure to ultraviolent (UV) radiation from the skin will damage skin cells.
  • Regular skin exposure to UV radiation even though it is not burning skill cells can still cause damage.
  • Artificial UV radiation tanning devices can emit greater UV radiation than the sun; in particular UVA and UVB have proven links to cancer.
  • Family history and the natural lack of melanin in the skin as seen in people with fair complexions will increase susceptibility to the disease.
  • The number of benign nevi or moles on a person’s body also increases the likelihood of a cancer diagnosis.

Preventing skin cancer with a broad spectrum, water resistant SPF30+ sunscreen before you go outdoors with a reapplication rate of every two hours is your best protection strategy. In addition sun-protective clothing, sunglasses and a hat increase your protection against sun cancer.

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