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Make Yours a Healthy Bali Christmas

Posted on : December 10, 2018

Make Yours a Healthy Bali ChristmasMake Yours a Healthy Bali Christmas — Overindulging and Bali go hand-in-hand but this holiday season a few slight dietary adjustments will allow you to feel better about yourself without that uncomfortable bloating feeling.

Perhaps you already lost weight and wish to maintain or, you are just beginning your new eating program, the consumption of sugary foods and unhealthy carbohydrates this holiday season could greatly slow your path to feeling lighter and good about yourself. Our healthy holiday eating tips are actually easier than they might appear, despite all the cookies, cocktails, and other temptations.

Start by establishing doable goals and jot things down to be clear with yourself: According to Atkins diet plans, studies have shown that people who keep food diaries during the holidays are better able to manage their weight. Keeping up with your food journal will also help you stick to your low carb holiday diet plan.

Eat slowly: Be mindful as you chew and put your fork down between bites to better monitor your level of satiation. Finish when you’re satisfied, but not stuffed. Remember, there is a difference between hunger and habit!

Planning ahead is critical: Keep the right food in the house and make some great low carb snack recipes you can substitute for sugary seasonal offerings. And plan on indulging, too! If you really want to enjoy your favorite family dish at a party, setting certain foods as a priority ahead of time will make it easier to avoid mindlessly snacking on other carb-filled foods just because they’re there.

Eat before you go out: Have a substantial, high-protein snack such as a handful of nuts or even a meal to satisfy your appetite before you head to a holiday party.

Sip, don’t guzzle: Instead of sipping sugary holiday cocktails, have a low carb beer or glass of champagne in hand to celebrate without overdoing it. And don’t forget to hydrate! Drinking plenty of water promotes healthy digestion, prevents headaches, and keeps your body functioning at its best. It also fills you up, helping to prevent mindless eating. If you need a little variety, try infusing your water with cucumber or lemon slices.

Absolutely, be fussy: Whether it’s roast turkey or a holiday ham, protein dishes keep you feeling full and generally contain fewer carbs. As for sides, select squash, green beans, red cabbage and other flavorful and nutrient-rich holiday sides will help you steer clear of the empty carbs found in some of the other popular holiday dishes.

Exercise even if only 30 minutes a day: Staying active is a very important part of staying healthy during the holidays. If you’re already a regular exerciser, try to maintain your regimen. A simple 30-minute walk after dinner is an effortless way to squeeze in a few more steps and burn extra calories.

Sleep is vital to keep in shape: The holidays are more fun when you’re well rested! Not getting enough sleep is associated with a host of negative health effects, including impaired cognitive ability, which may result in poor eating decisions. Try to go to bed at the same time every night and create a bedtime ritual to help you wind down.


Make Yours a Healthy Bali Christmas — Health-e reporting with sources: Atkins

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