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BIMC Hospital Group’s New Advertising Campaign Draws Significant Attention

Posted on : August 15, 2013

Niluh Djelantik for BIMC HospitalBali’s most trusted name in health and emergency hospital care recently unveiled “BIMCare,” a value-added healthcare membership program. With the tagline “more affordable than you think,” the Australian managed hospital group intends to do its best to remind the Bali community and tourists alike of the many benefits and advantages available at its two hospitals.

Providing quality healthcare since 1998, BIMC Hospital Group has earned its reputation for delivering some of the highest standards of medical treatments in the region.

Today BIMCare is promoted with numerous friends who have modeled for the BIMCare advertising campaign, such as celebrity chef Will Meyrick and family, internationally recognized singer Ayu Laksmi, world renown sommelier Christian Vanneque, and footwear designer Niluh Djelantik.

Three different BIMCare memberships are available and vary in inclusions and value. The wallet-size cards are instantly recognized by BIMC reception staff and with identity member numbers for those calling BIMC hospitals.

The pictures of BIMCare new advertising campaign:


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