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BIMC Hospital Supporting the Younger Generation

Posted on : January 3, 2011

During the month of November and December 2010, BIMC Hospital arranged basic training for the children at Taman Rama – International school. The training was conducted by BIMC doctor Dr. Mieke Magnasofa, M. Med (WH) and BIMC nurse Sudi.  The training topics covered: body parts, First Aid Training for children and the correct way to wash hands. The aim for this training is to give information to the younger generation on how to respond when they injure themselves, the functions of each body part and avoiding germs by washing their hands in the correct manner.

The participants for this training included year 1 and year 2 from the school. The children were enthusiast in their questions and answers section. The training session took approximately 1 hour and ended with a mini tour inside one of BIMC’s ambulances.

For the older students, between years 10 – 12, BIMC Hospital also arranged training on the topic of sex and relationship education. BIMC Hospital provided the participants with the information on women and men body parts, pregnancy and sex education. This training was also conducted by Dr Mieke Magnasofa, M. Med (WH) and the training took approximately 1 ½ hours. In this session, participants were encouraged to ask questions and share their experience and thoughts.

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