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Saved One Soul

Posted on : February 10, 2010

ayana1AYANA Resort and Spa Bali is not only a lovely resort to spend your holiday in Bali, but also a safe place to stay. Among the many qualifications of their staff, is first aid certification.

Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. Medical assistance is not always readily available on the spot.  It takes time for a doctor and/or nurse to get to the location, while in most emergencies, time is of the essence. This is why the more people that know how to do first aid, the better.  One of BIMC Hospital’s key objectives is to teach basic first aid training to as many people as possible. One resort that has directly benefitted from basic first aid training is AYANA.

Knowing the importance of first aid, AYANA holds regular first aid training for their staff, provided by BIMC Hospital. The training program is a half day class providing information on how to respond in accident and emergency situations. There are certain ways to effectively call for help, to check and help someone who just had an accident, and also not least important, how to safely help people without giving the patient further injuries or injuring one self.

On 21 January 2010, I Made Suriadi, a member of AYANA’s pool deck team, was one of the trainees to recently attend the half day first aid training class. In the course, he learnt first aid tecniques for common accidents and emergencies.  In the resuscitation practical lesson, techniques included how to open the airway, check breathing, giving rescue breaths, perform chest compressions, etc. Never would he imagine he would need to put his new skills to use so soon.

Just one day after Suriadi earned his basic first aid certificate, on 22 January 2010, he found one of the hotel guests nearly drowning in the hotel’s main pool. The resort’s pool is deeper in the middle  than on the sides, and the guest swam to the middle and panicked. Suriadi and his fellow worker, Nadia, quickly reacted to prevent the guest from drowning.  With the help of some of the hotel’s gardening staff who were working nearby, they took the guest out of the water.  Suriadi promptly implemented his training, checking the guest’s airway, breathing and circulation. Luckily, the quick response saved the guest from any submersion injury and he totally recuperated without any complications after recovering from the shock.

This is a great example of how important basic first aid training is.

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